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Dear John: Quotes

«Dear John», a 2010 Drama/Romance film directed by Lasse Hallström, starring Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Henry Thomas, Richard Jenkins, and Scott Porter.

There are no quotes for Dear John yet.

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Dear John
Topic started by Guest #6637 - 37 months ago

"During the outtakes, they are sitting at dinner and a song starts to play and he starts to dance. Anyone know what this song is?..."
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Dear John
Topic started by Guest #5084 - 59 months ago

"How does the quote start out when she starts out saying Tonite You are here with me.. I cant remember the rest!!..."
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Dear John
Topic started by Guest #4994 - 60 months ago

"What exactly does the letter say again. i don't remember...."
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Dear John
Topic started by Guest #2272 - 67 months ago

": Two weeks together, that's all it took, two weeks for me to fall for you. : I miss you so much it hurts. : Full moon tonight - it's never bigger than your thumb. : Well you sure scare me...."
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Dear John
Topic started by Guest #2268 - 67 months ago

"I need the quote that John says at the very beginning about him being a coin of the United States Army. I need the whole thing but I don't know how to find it and can't remember it. I know it says something about picking out the flawed ones and fixing the ridges or something......."
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dear john
release date:February 05, 2010
Directed by:Lasse Hallström
Cast:Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Henry Thomas, Richard Jenkins
DVD/Blu-Ray ★ Posters ★ Collectibles ★
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