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Tretya meshchanskaya

Tretya meshchanskaya
Tretya meshchanskaya
Directed by Abram Room, and written by Abram Room and Viktor Shklovsky, «Tretya meshchanskaya» (also known as "Bed and Sofa", "Lyubov vtroyom") is a 1927 Comedy/Drama film . Nikolai Batalov is starring, alongside Lyudmila Semyonova, Leonid Yurenyov, Vladimir Fogel, Yelena Sokolova and Mariya Yarotskaya.
Directed by
Abram Room

Written by
Abram Room
and Viktor Shklovsky

The story centers around the relationship of the three main characters. Volodia, out of work and in need of a place to live, comes to stay with his friend Kolia and wife Liudmila, sleeping on the sofa. However, when Kolia is away on business, the other two begin an affair. Although Kolia is initially outraged, the three settle into a polygamous state, though with Kolia now relegated to the sofa. Liudmila eventually becomes pregnant and the men argue over how to solve the situation, as they are unsure of [...]

Who is the director of "Tretya meshchanskaya"?

"Tretya meshchanskaya" was released in 1927, when director Abram Room was 32 years of age.

Abram Room has directed movies such as "Shkola zlosloviya", released in 1952, "Strogiy yunosha"(1934), "Predatel"(1926), "Privideniye, kotoroye ne vozvrashchayetsya"(1929), "Tayna vechnoy nochi"(1956), and "Granatovyy braslet"(1964).

Abram Room and Leonid Yurenyov have been associated in "Bukhta smerti", released in 1926, "Privideniye, kotoroye ne vozvrashchayetsya"(1929), "Predatel"(1926).

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Nikolai Batalov Kolia, the husband
Lyudmila Semyonova Liuda, the wife
Leonid Yurenyov The Porter
Vladimir Fogel Volodia, the friend
Yelena Sokolova The Nurse

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Technical Details

Genres:Comedy / Drama
Release date:
Germany Germany    February, 13, 2007  
Sound mix:Silent
Also known as:

"Lyubov vtroyom"

"Bed and Sofa"

Runtime:1h 35min (95min)

*Sources: Sovkino and Wikipedia
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tretya meshchanskaya
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