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Men of Boys Town

Men of Boys Town
Starring Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, Bobs Watson, Larry Nunn, Darryl Hickman and Henry O'Neill, «Men of Boys Town» (also known as "Uomini della cittą dei ragazzi, Gli", "Das sind Kerle") is a Drama film directed by Norman Taurog, and written by James Kevin McGuinness, released in the USA on April 10 of 1941.
Directed by
Norman Taurog

James Kevin McGuinness

John W. Considine Jr.

Who is the director of "Men of Boys Town"?

Norman Taurog was an American director, and actor.

Taurog was 42 years old when "Men of Boys Town" was released in 1941.

Norman Taurog has directed movies such as "Onionhead", released in 1958, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"(1938), "Please Believe Me"(1950), "In Holland"(1929), "Design for Scandal"(1941), and "The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown"(1957).

Norman Taurog and Spencer Tracy have been associated in "Young Tom Edison", released in 1940, "Boys Town"(1938) playing Father Edward J. Flanagan.

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What was the release date of "Men of Boys Town"?

"Men of Boys Town" was first released in the United States on Thursday, April 10, 1941. Other films released on Thursday, April 10, 1941 are "The Great Swindle" (dir. Lewis D. Collins) and "Two Gun Sheriff" (dir. George Sherman)

Release date in the United States:
  • Thursday, April 10, 1941

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Spencer Tracy Father Edward J. 'Eddie' Flanagan
Mickey Rooney Whitey Marsh
Bobs Watson Pee Wee
Larry Nunn Theodore 'Ted' Martley
Darryl Hickman Flip Brier
Henry O'Neill Mr. Maitland

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Technical Details

Release date:
United States United States    April, 10, 1941  
Germany Germany    March, 24, 1953  
Sound mix:Mono (Western Electric Sound System)
Soundtrack:Gloria, In Excelsius Deo - Traditional Christmas song Played and sung by the St. Luke's Choristers during the opening credits Reprised at Beau Hunk's funeral
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow - Traditional Played by the boys' band and sung by the St. Luke's Choristers when Dave Morris returns
The Notre Dame Victory March - Written by 'John F. Shea' and 'Michael J. Shea ' Part of the score when Father Flanagan talks to Ted about football
Auld Lang Syne - Scottish traditional music Lyrics by 'Robert Burns (V)' Played by the boys' band and sung by the St. Luke's Choristers when Whitey leaves Boys Town
Long, Long Ago - (1883) Written by 'Thomas Haynes Bayley' Played as background music when Father Flanagan is about to lose Boys Town
Taps - Written by 'General Daniel Butterfield' Lyrics anonymous Played on a bugle by 'Bobs Watson' and by the boys' band and Sung by the St. Luke's Choristers at Beau Hunk's burial
Also known as:

"Das sind Kerle"


"Uomini della cittą dei ragazzi, Gli"

Country:United States United States
Filming location:
United StatesBoys Town, Nebraska
Runtime:1h 46min (106min)
United States United States    Approved (PCA #6992)
Australia Australia    G

*Sources: Loew's, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Wikipedia
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men of boys town
release date:April 10, 1941
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