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Burma Convoy

Burma Convoy
Burma Convoy
Death Rides The Burma Road... Heroes of a havoc-ridden highway... risking their lives... for millions of lives!
Released on October 06 of 1941 in the USA, «Burma Convoy» (also known as "Halfway to Shanghai") is an Action/Adventure/Drama/Romance/War film directed by Noel M. Smith, and written by Roy Chanslor and Stanley Rubin . Charles Bickford is starring, alongside Evelyn Ankers, Frank Albertson, Cecil Kellaway, Willie Fung and Keye Luke.
Directed by
Noel M. Smith

Roy Chanslor
and Stanley Rubin

Associate producer
Marshall Grant

Who is the director of "Burma Convoy"?

Noel M. Smith was an American director.

"Burma Convoy" was released in 1941, when director Smith was 46 years of age.

Noel M. Smith has directed movies such as "The Blue Streak", released in 1926, "Always a Bride"(1940), "Back from Shanghai"(1929), "The Fighting Pilot"(1935), "Calling All Husbands"(1940), and "The Nurse's Secret"(1941).

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What was the release date of "Burma Convoy"?

"Burma Convoy" was first released in the United States on Monday, October 06, 1941. Other films released on Monday, October 06, 1941 are "The Stork Pays Off" (dir. Lew Landers) and "L' Homme qui cherche la vérité" (dir. Alexander Esway)

Release date in the United States:
  • Monday, October 06, 1941

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Charles Bickford Cliff Weldon
Evelyn Ankers Ann McBragel
Frank Albertson Mike Weldon
Cecil Kellaway Angus McBragel
Willie Fung Smitty
Keye Luke Lin Taiyen

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Technical Details

Genres:Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / War
Release date:
United States United States    October, 06, 1941  
Sound mix:Mono
Soundtrack:You've Got That Look That Leaves Me Weak - Written by 'Frank Loesser' and 'Frederick Hollander' Sung by 'Veola Vonn' (as Vyloa Vonn) Song used previously in Destry Rides Again-1939
I'm In My Glory - Sung by 'Veola Vonn' (as Vyola Vonn)
Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair - Written by 'Stephen Foster ' Sung by 'Willie Fung'
Tagline:"Death Rides The Burma Road... Heroes of a havoc-ridden highway... risking their lives... for millions of lives!"
Also known as:
United States

"Halfway to Shanghai"

Country:United States United States
Runtime:1h 12min (72min)
United States United States    Approved

*Sources: Universal Pictures and Wikipedia
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burma convoy
release date:October 06, 1941
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