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Primero soy mexicano

Primero soy mexicano
Primero soy mexicano
Starring Joaquín Pardavé, Luis Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, Arturo Soto Rangel, Lupe Inclán and Felipe Montoya, «Primero soy mexicano» is 1950 Comedy/Drama film directed by Joaquín Pardavé, and written by Joaquín Pardavé and Florencio Sánchez.
Directed by
Joaquín Pardavé

Joaquín Pardavé

Story "M'Hijo el Dotor"
Florencio Sánchez

Gregorio Walerstein

Who is the director of "Primero soy mexicano"?

Joaquín Pardavé was a Mexican actor, screenwriter, director, and composer.

Pardavé was 50 years old when "Primero soy mexicano" was released in 1950.

Joaquín Pardavé has directed movies such as "Adiós juventud", released in 1943, "Pasionaria"(1952), "El Baisano Jalil"(1942), "Dios nos manda vivir"(1954), "La Barca de oro"(1947), and "Dos pesos dejada"(1949).

Joaquín Pardavé has also directed Joaquín Pardavé in "El Baisano Jalil", released in 1942 portraying Señor Jalil Farad, "Adiós juventud"(1943), "Doña Mariquita de mi corazón"(1953), "El Casto Susano"(1954), "Viejos somos así, Los"(1948), "Nietos de Don Venancio, Los"(1946) in which Joaquín Pardavé plays Don Venancio, "Hijos de Don Venancio, Los"(1944) (character: Don Venancio), "El Barchante Neguib"(1946) (Neguib Baharud), "El Gendarme de la esquina"(1951) playing Don timoteo rodríguez, "Dos pesos dejada"(1949) portraying Gabino Pringoso.

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Technical Details

Genres:Comedy / Drama
Soundtrack:Primero Soy Mexicano - Written by 'Manuel Esperón' and 'Ernesto Cortázar' and 'Joaquín Pardavé'
Desde Que Te Conoci - Written by 'Manuel Esperón' and 'Ernesto Cortázar' and 'Joaquín Pardavé'
Torrentera - Written by 'Manuel Esperón' and 'Ernesto Cortázar' and 'Joaquín Pardavé'
Ya Tengo Yo Mi Querer - Written by 'Manuel Esperón' and 'Ernesto Cortázar' and 'Joaquín Pardavé'
El Que Se Fue A La Villa - Written by 'Manuel Esperón' and 'Ernesto Cortázar' and 'Joaquín Pardavé'
Cueste Lo Que Cueste - Written by 'Manuel Esperón' and 'Ernesto Cortázar' and 'Joaquín Pardavé'
Country:Mexico Mexico
Filming location:
Runtime:1h 40min (100min)

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primero soy mexicano
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