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Quando o Mar Galgou a Terra

Quando o Mar Galgou a Terra
Quando o Mar Galgou a Terra
Directed by Henrique Campos, and written by Armando Cortes Rodrigues, «Quando o Mar Galgou a Terra» is a 1954 Musical/Drama film . Mariana Villar is starring, alongside Curado Ribeiro, Alves da Costa, Brunilde Júdice, Paulo Renato and Josefina Silva.
Directed by
Henrique Campos

Armando Cortes Rodrigues

Who is the director of "Quando o Mar Galgou a Terra"?

Henrique Campos was a Portuguese director, and actor.

Campos was 45 years old when "Quando o Mar Galgou a Terra" was released in 1954.

Henrique Campos has directed movies such as "Reina santa", released in 1947, "Păo, Amor e... Totobola"(1964), "A Cançăo da Saudade"(1964), "A Maluquinha de Arroios"(1970), "Perdeu-se um Marido"(1957), and "Homem do Dia, O"(1958).

Mariana Villar and Henrique Campos have been associated in "Rosa de Alfama", released in 1953 playing Rosa Maria, "Duas Causas"(1953) (Adriana).

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Mariana Villar Ana Brás
Curado Ribeiro Miguel
Alves da Costa Tio Joăo Brás (old fisherman)
Brunilde Júdice Morgada dos Arcos(majorat owner)
Paulo Renato Fernando
Josefina Silva Tia Júlia

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Technical Details

Genres:Musical / Drama
Sound mix:Mono
Country:Portugal Portugal
Filming location:
PortugalFurnas, S. Miguel, Azores
Runtime:1h 36min (96min)

*Sources: Filmes Albuquerque and Wikipedia
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quando o mar galgou a terra
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