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Vento di primavera

Vento di primavera
Vento di primavera
Starring Ferruccio Tagliavini, Sabine Bethmann, Lauretta Masiero, Valeria Fabrizi, Erich Winn and Massimo Giuliani, «Vento di primavera» (also known as "Ohne Dich kann ich nicht leben", "Vergiß mein nicht") is 1958 Musical/Drama film directed by Giulio Del Torre & Arthur Maria Rabenalt, and written by Aldo De Benedetti, Giulio Del Torre, and Gina Falckenberg.
Directed by
Giulio Del Torre
and Arthur Maria Rabenalt

Aldo De Benedetti
Giulio Del Torre and Gina Falckenberg

Who are the directors of "Vento di primavera"?

In 1958, when "Vento di primavera" was released, Giulio Del Torre was 64 years of age.

Giulio Del Torre has directed "Le Disparu de l'ascenseur", released in 1931.

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Arthur Maria Rabenalt was 53 years old in 1958, when "Vento di primavera" was released.

Arthur Maria Rabenalt has directed movies such as "Haie an Bord", released in 1971, "Liebe ist ja nur ein Märchen"(1955), "Das Land des Lächelns"(1974), "Das Große Wunschkonzert"(1960), "Skandal um Dr. Vlimmen"(1956), and "Das haut einen Seemann doch nicht um"(1958).

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Ferruccio Tagliavini Aldo Morani
Sabine Bethmann Elisabeth
Lauretta Masiero Diana
Valeria Fabrizi Carla
Erich Winn Rudolf
Massimo Giuliani Federico

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Technical Details

Genres:Musical / Drama
Release date:
Germany Germany    October, 23, 1958  
Sound mix:Mono
Soundtrack:Vento di Primavera - Written by 'Cesare A. Bixio' & Cherubini Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
Oh Marie (Maria Mari) - Written by 'Edoardo Di Capua' & Russo Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
Una furtiva lagrima - From the opera L'ELISIR D'AMORE Music by 'Gaetano Donizetti' Words by 'Felice Romani' Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
Sognata terra - From the opera L'AFRICAINE Music by 'Giacomo Meyerbeer' (as Jakob Meyerbeer) Words by E. Scribe Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
Non ti scordar di me - Written by 'Ernesto de Curtis' & Furno Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) - Written by 'Domenico Modugno' Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
Torna a Surriento - Written by 'Ernesto de Curtis' & 'Giambattista De Curtis' Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
'O paese d''o sole - Written by Bovio & D'Annibale Performed by 'Ferruccio Tagliavini'
Also known as:

"Vergiß mein nicht"


"Ohne Dich kann ich nicht leben"

Countries:Italy Italy
Germany Germany
Filming location:
ItalyFrascati, Rome, Lazio
Runtime:1h 43min (103min)
Germany Germany    6

*Sources: Cine-Italia Film, Trio-Film GmbH and Wikipedia
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vento di primavera
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