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Amore e chiacchiere (Salviamo il panorama)

Amore e chiacchiere (Salviamo il panorama)
Amore e chiacchiere (Salviamo il panorama)
Starring Vittorio De Sica, Gino Cervi, Carla Gravina, Geronimo Meynier, Elisa Cegani and Alessandra Panaro, «Amore e chiacchiere (Salviamo il panorama)» is 1958 Comedy/Drama film directed by Alessandro Blasetti, and written by Isa Bartalini, Alessandro Blasetti, José María Otero and Cesare Zavattini.
Directed by
Alessandro Blasetti

Isa Bartalini
Alessandro Blasetti and Cesare Zavattini

Screenplay: Spanish version
José María Otero

Attilio Riccio

Executive producer
Antonio Altoviti

Who is the director of "Amore e chiacchiere (Salviamo il panorama)"?

Alessandro Blasetti was an Italian director, screenwriter, writer, and actor.

Director Blasetti was 57 years of age in 1958, when "Amore e chiacchiere (Salviamo il panorama)" was released.

Alessandro Blasetti has directed movies such as "Tempi nostri", released in 1954, "Simón Bolívar"(1969), "L' Impiegata di papà"(1933), "4 passi fra le nuvole"(1942), "Peccato che sia una canaglia"(1954), and "1860"(1934).

Vittorio De Sica and Alessandro Blasetti have been associated in "Io, io, io... e gli altri", released in 1966 in which Vittorio De Sica portrays Commendator Trepossi, "Peccato che sia una canaglia"(1954) (Vittorio Stroppiani), "Altri tempi"(1952), "Tempi nostri"(1954) as Count Ferdinando (segment "Don Corradino").

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Vittorio De Sica Avvocato Bonelli
Gino Cervi Paseroni
Carla Gravina Maria Furlani
Geronimo Meynier Paolo Bonelli
Elisa Cegani Signora Clara Bonelli
Alessandra Panaro Doddy Paseroni

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Technical Details

Genres:Comedy / Drama
Release date:
Spain Spain    April, 18, 1958  
Sound mix:Mono
Countries:Italy Italy
France France
Spain Spain
Filming location:
ItalyCivita Castellana, Viterbo, Lazio
Runtime:1h 35min (95min)

*Sources: Electra Compagnia Cinematografica, La Société Française de Cinematographie, Producciones Cinematográficas Ariel and Wikipedia
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amore e chiacchiere (salviamo il panorama)
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