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Doa al karawan

Doa al karawan
Doa al karawan
Directed by Henry Barakat, and written by Henry Barakat, Youssef Gohar, and Taha Hussein, «Doa al karawan» (also known as "Nightingale's Prayer, The", "Ruf des Brachvogels, Der", "Curlew's Cry, The") is a 1959 Drama/Romance film . Faten Hamama is starring, alongside Ahmed Mazhar, Amina Rizk, Zahrat El-Ola, Abdel Alim Khattab and Raga El Geddaoui.
Directed by
Henry Barakat

Written by
Henry Barakat
and Youssef Gohar

Taha Hussein

Amna (Faten Hamama) is a young woman that witnesses the death of her older sister by her uncle, who had abandoned her family and left them with no support. She understands from her mother that her sister deserves to die because she dishonors the family. Amna doesn't agree. She believes that her uncle should be blamed for their conditions. She seeks revenge from the engineer who swayed her sister and lied to her thus causing her death. Amna moves to his house to work as a maid and tries to poison him several times, but all [...]

Who is the director of "Doa al karawan"?

Henry Barakat was an Egyptian director, screenwriter, writer, and producer.

When "Doa al karawan" was released in 1959, Barakat was 47 years old.

Henry Barakat has directed movies such as "Hob al kabir, -al", released in 1969, "Bint El-Harass"(1967), "Banat el yom"(1957), "Ualla azae lel sayedat"(1979), "Fi baitina rajul"(1961), and "Ayyam wa layali"(1955).

Faten Hamama has been directed by Henry Barakat in "El Bab el maftuh", released in 1964, "Irham demoui"(1955), "Leilet al quabd al Fatma"(1984), "Kheit al rafeigh, -al"(1971), "Ualla azae lel sayedat"(1979), "Afwah wa araneb"(1977), "Shaia fi hayati"(1966), "Lahn al khouloud"(1952), "Mawad gharam"(1956) in which Faten Hamama portrays Nawal, "Daiman maak"(1954), "Hob al kabir, -al"(1969), "Habibati"(1975).

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Faten Hamama Amna
Zahrat El-Ola Henady
Raga El Geddaoui Ghadeega

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Technical Details

Genres:Drama / Romance
Release date:
Germany Germany    June,  1960  
Also known as:

"Curlew's Cry, The"

"Nightingale's Prayer, The"


"Ruf des Brachvogels, Der"

Country:Egypt Egypt
Runtime:1h 49min (109min) (Berlin Film Festival)

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doa al karawan
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