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The Hellions

The Hellions
The Hellions
The lashing slashing drama of The Hellions and the town they violated!
Directed by Irving Allen & Ken Annakin, and written by Harold Huth, Patrick Kirwan, and Harold Swanton, «The Hellions» (also known as "Furia degli implacabili, La", "Platznehmen zum Sterben") is a Drama/Adventure film, released on March 14 of 1962 in the USA . Richard Todd and Anne Aubrey are starring, alongside Jamie Uys, Marty Wilde, Lionel Jeffries and James Booth.
Directed by
Irving Allen
and Ken Annakin

Written by
Harold Huth
Patrick Kirwan and Harold Swanton

Harold Huth
and Irving Allen

Who are the directors of "The Hellions"?

Irving Allen was a Polish producer, and director.

In 1961, when "The Hellions" was released, Allen was 56 years of age.

Irving Allen has directed movies such as "Avalanche", released in 1946, "The Man on the Eiffel Tower"(1950), "Sixteen Fathoms Deep"(1934), "Strange Voyage"(1946), "High Conquest"(1947), and "16 Fathoms Deep"(1948).

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Ken Annakin is an English director, producer, and actor.

When "The Hellions" was released in 1961, Annakin was 47 years old.

Ken Annakin has directed movies such as "Monte Carlo or Bust", released in 1969, "Nor the Moon by Night"(1958), "Broken Journey"(1948), "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking"(1988), "Across the Bridge"(1957), and "The Long Duel"(1967).

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What was the release date of "The Hellions"?

"The Hellions" was first released in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, November 07, 1961.

Release date in the United States:
  • Wednesday, March 14, 1962
Release date for the United Kingdom:
  • Tuesday, November 07, 1961

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Richard Todd Sam Hargis
Anne Aubrey Priss Dobbs
Jamie Uys Ernie Dobbs
Marty Wilde John Billings
Lionel Jeffries Luke Billings
James Booth Jubal Billings

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Technical Details

Genres:Drama / Adventure
Release date:
United States United States    March, 14, 1962  
United Kingdom United Kingdom    November, 07, 1961  
Japan Japan    December, 30, 1961  
Sound mix:Mono (Westrex Recording System)
Tagline:"The lashing slashing drama of The Hellions and the town they violated!"
"Hide Your Whiskey And Lock Up Your Women! Here Come The Hellions!"
"Rough, Relentless, everyone a killer"
Also known as:

"Platznehmen zum Sterben"


"Furia degli implacabili, La"

Countries:United Kingdom United Kingdom
South Africa South Africa
Runtime:1h 20min (80min)

*Sources: Irving Allen Productions, Jamie Uys Film Productions and Wikipedia
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the hellions
release date:March 14, 1962
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