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Nasib Si Labu Labi

Nasib Si Labu Labi
Nasib Si Labu Labi
Directed by P. Ramlee, «Nasib Si Labu Labi» is a 1963 Comedy film , starring P. Ramlee and Mariani.
Directed by
P. Ramlee

Set sometime after the events of the previous film, Haji Bakhil's wife has died. Haji Bakhil is alone and depressed, but eventually meets a beautiful young woman named Murni, who is a teacher at a school for orphans. Haji Bakhil spends some time pursuing her, and his attention is apparently not unwelcome.

In a subplot, Labu and Labi discover that they are both in love with Haji Bakhil's daughter Manisah, and decide to fight for her properly in a boxing match. However, this thread is not resolved by [...]

Who is the director of "Nasib Si Labu Labi"?

P. Ramlee was a Malaysian actor, director, screenwriter, and composer.

In 1963, when "Nasib Si Labu Labi" was released, Ramlee was 34 years of age.

P. Ramlee has directed movies such as "Sumpah orang minyak", released in 1956, "Madu tiga"(1964), "Penarik Beca"(1956), "Jangan tinggal daku"(1971), "Labu dan Labi"(1962), and "Semerah padi"(1956).

P. Ramlee and P. Ramlee have also been associated in "Ibu mertuaku", released in 1962 playing Kassim Selamat, "Nujum pak belalang"(1959) playing Pak Belalang, "Semerah padi"(1956), "Antara Dua Darjat"(1960), "Sumpah orang minyak"(1956), "Tiga abdul"(1964) in which P. Ramlee portrays Abdul Wahub, "Jangan tinggal daku"(1971), "Pendekar bujang lapok"(1959) playing Ramli, "Penarik Beca"(1956), "Sarjan Hassan"(1955) in which P. Ramlee plays Sgt. Hassan, "Ali Baba bujang lapok"(1960) playing Ketua Penyamun, "Bujang lapok"(1957) playing Ramli, "Labu dan Labi"(1962) in which P. Ramlee portrays Labi, "Putus sudah kasih sayang"(1971), "Madu tiga"(1964) playing Jamil.

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nasib si labu labi
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