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L' Uomo dalla pistola d'oro

L' Uomo dalla pistola d'oro
Starring Carl Möhner, Luis Dávila, Gloria Milland, Fernando Sancho, Umberto Raho and Óscar Pellicer, «L' Uomo dalla pistola d'oro» (also known as "Man with the Golden Pistol", "10.000 dólares vivo o muerto", "Doc, manos de plata") is 1966 Western film directed by Alfonso Balcázar, and written by Alfonso Balcázar, Miguel Cussó, José Antonio de la Loma and Giovanni Simonelli.
Directed by
Alfonso Balcázar

Also story
Alfonso Balcázar

Miguel Cussó

Also dialogue
José Antonio de la Loma

Written by
Giovanni Simonelli

Who is the director of "L' Uomo dalla pistola d'oro"?

Alfonso Balcázar was a Spanish writer, screenwriter, director, and producer.

When "L' Uomo dalla pistola d'oro" was released in 1966, Balcázar was 40 years old.

Alfonso Balcázar has directed movies such as "Inmorales, Los", released in 1974, "La Casa de las muertas vivientes"(1972), "Con la muerte a la espalda"(1967), "Al otro lado de la ciudad"(1962), "La Encrucijada"(1960), and "Clint el solitario"(1967).

Alfonso Balcázar and Luis Dávila have been associated in "Dinamite Jim", released in 1966 in which Luis Dávila plays Jim Farrell.

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Carl Möhner Doc MacGregor
Luis Dávila Slade
Gloria Milland Norma O'Connor
Fernando Sancho Pablo Reyes
Umberto Raho Brogas

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Technical Details

Release date:
Spain Spain    November, 07, 1966  
Also known as:

"Mann, der kam, um zu töten, Der"


"Mad Mexican"


"10.000 dólares vivo o muerto"


"Doc, manos de plata"

United States

"Man Who Came to Kill, The"

United States

"Man with the Golden Pistol"

United States

"Doc, Hands of Steel"

Countries:Spain Spain
Italy Italy
Filming location:
SpainFraga, Huesca, Aragón
Runtime:1h 24min (84min)
1h 23min (83min)
Germany Germany    16

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l' uomo dalla pistola d'oro
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