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The Tiger Makes Out

The Tiger Makes Out
The Tiger Makes Out
It's all about a Greenwich Village cat on the make ... ... who ends up with Gloria, the housewife, by mistake!
«The Tiger Makes Out» (also known as "Tiger schlägt zurück, Der") is a Comedy film directed by Arthur Hiller, and written by Murray Schisgal, released on August 18 of 1967 in the USA . Eli Wallach is starring, alongside Anne Jackson, Bob Dishy, John Harkins, Ruth White and Roland Wood.
Directed by
Arthur Hiller

Also play The Tiger
Murray Schisgal

Eli Wallach
George Justin and Anne Jackson

Loser Ben Harris (Wallach), an alienated mailman, decides to get a girl the only way he can ? by kidnapping her. Putting his plan into operation one rainy night, he spots an attractive young woman. He races ahead of her and prepares an ambush. However, his would-be target finds shelter from the downpour and he ends up pulling a bag down over Gloria Fiske (Jackson) instead. When he carries her back to his basement apartment and removes the bag, he is dumbfounded to find he has captured a middle-aged [...]

Who is the director of "The Tiger Makes Out"?

Arthur Hiller is a Canadian director, producer, and actor.

In 1967, when "The Tiger Makes Out" was released, Hiller was 43 years of age.

Arthur Hiller has directed movies such as "Pucked", released in 2006, "The Lonely Guy"(1984), "Teachers"(1984), "Man of La Mancha"(1972), "Popi"(1969), and "See No Evil, Hear No Evil"(1989).

Arthur Hiller has directed Bob Dishy in "Author! Author!", released in 1982 as Finestein.

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What was the release date of "The Tiger Makes Out"?

"The Tiger Makes Out" was first released in the United States on Friday, August 18, 1967. Another film released on Friday, August 18, 1967 is "The Born Losers" (dir. Tom Laughlin)

Release date for the United States:
  • Friday, August 18, 1967

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Eli Wallach Ben Harris
Anne Jackson Gloria Fiske
Bob Dishy Jerry
John Harkins Leo
Ruth White Mrs. Kelly
Roland Wood Mr. Kelly

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Technical Details

Release date:
United States United States    August, 18, 1967  
Sound mix:Mono (RCA Sound Recording)
Tagline:"It's all about a Greenwich Village cat on the make ... ... who ends up with Gloria, the housewife, by mistake!"
Also known as:

"Tiger schlägt zurück, Der"

Country:United States United States
Runtime:1h 34min (94min)

*Sources: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Elan Productions and Wikipedia
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the tiger makes out
release date:August 18, 1967
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