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Pistoleros de la frontera

Pistoleros de la frontera
Pistoleros de la frontera
Directed by Alberto Mariscal, «Pistoleros de la frontera» is a 1967 Action/Adventure/Drama/Western film , starring Wolf Ruvinskis, Sonia Infante, Regina Torné, Jorge Rivero and José Baviera.
Directed by
Alberto Mariscal

Who is the director of "Pistoleros de la frontera"?

Alberto Mariscal is an American director, actor, and screenwriter.

In 1967, when "Pistoleros de la frontera" was released, Mariscal was 41 years of age.

Alberto Mariscal has directed movies such as "Mauro el mojado", released in 1986, "La Muerte va con las mariposas"(1976), "Escuela para brujas"(1990), "El Sabor de la venganza"(1971), "La Corneta vengadora"(1989), and "La India blanca"(1982).

Alberto Mariscal and Wolf Ruvinskis have been associated in "Jinetes de la llanura", released in 1966.

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Technical Details

Genres:Action / Adventure / Drama / Western
Country:Mexico Mexico
Filming location:
MexicoTaxquillo, Hidalgo
Runtime:1h 30min (90min)

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pistoleros de la frontera
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