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Pudelnackt in Oberbayern

Pudelnackt in Oberbayern
Directed by Hans Albin & Hans Billian, and written by Peter Ammer and Hans Billian, «Pudelnackt in Oberbayern» is a 1969 Comedy film , starring Beppo Brem, Hans von Borsody, Ini Assmann, Anke Syring, Dorit Dom and Christine Schuberth.
Directed by
Hans Albin
and Hans Billian

Peter Ammer

Written by
Hans Billian

Georges C. Stilly

Executive producer
Elio Romano

Who are the directors of "Pudelnackt in Oberbayern"?

Hans Albin has directed movies such as "Der Chef wünscht keine Zeugen", released in 1964, "Auf Wiedersehn am Bodensee"(1956), "Der Verkaufte Großvater"(1962), "Drei weiße Birken"(1961), "Egon, der Frauenheld"(1957), and "Hurra, ein toller Onkel wird Papa"(1970).

Beppo Brem and Hans Albin have also worked together on "Der Verkaufte Großvater", released in 1962 in which Beppo Brem plays Hias, Hoteldiener, "Auf Wiedersehn am Bodensee"(1956) as Schöberl, "II-A in Berlin"(1956), "Drei weiße Birken"(1961) in which Beppo Brem plays Jackl, "Hurra, ein toller Onkel wird Papa"(1970).

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Hans Billian was 50 years old in 1969, when "Pudelnackt in Oberbayern" was released.

Hans Billian has directed movies such as "Oktoberfest! Da kann man fest!", released in 1973, "Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche"(1972), "Übermut im Salzkammergut"(1963), "Die Jungfrauen von Bumshausen"(1970), "Hörig bis zur letzten Sünde"(1970), and "Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten"(1973).

Beppo Brem has been directed by Hans Albin in "Auf Wiedersehn am Bodensee", released in 1956 in which Beppo Brem plays Schöberl, "II-A in Berlin"(1956), "Der Verkaufte Großvater"(1962) as Hias, Hoteldiener, "Drei weiße Birken"(1961) in which Beppo Brem portrays Jackl, "Hurra, ein toller Onkel wird Papa"(1970).

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Beppo Brem Bürgermeister Weinberger
Hans von Borsody Martin Oberhauser, Wirt
Ini Assmann Irene Lenz, Kellnerin
Anke Syring Annemarie
Dorit Dom Josefin
Christine Schuberth Christel Weinberger

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Technical Details

Release date:
Germany Germany    March, 14, 1969  
Country:Germany Germany
Runtime:1h 25min (85min)
Germany Germany    18 (nf)

*Sources: Romano Film, TOP-FILM München and Wikipedia
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pudelnackt in oberbayern
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