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Turist Ömer yamyamlar arasinda

Turist Ömer yamyamlar arasinda
«Turist Ömer yamyamlar arasinda» is 1970 Comedy film directed and written by Hulki Saner , starring Feri Cansel, Elif Pektas, Mualla Sürer, Sadri Alisik, Cemil Sahbaz and Aziz Basmaci.
Directed by
Hulki Saner

Written by
Hulki Saner

Hulki Saner

Who is the director of "Turist Ömer yamyamlar arasinda"?

Hulki Saner was a Turkish producer, director, composer, and actor.

Saner was 47 years old when "Turist Ömer yamyamlar arasinda" was released in 1970.

Hulki Saner has directed movies such as "Ava giden avlanir", released in 1965, "Aysecik - Bos Besik"(1965), "Çamasirci güzeli"(1966), "Bak yesil yesil"(1975), "Aysecik-Canimin içi"(1963), and "Aysecik - Citi Piti Kiz"(1964).

Hulki Saner and Feri Cansel have collaborated in "Turist Ömer boga güresçisi", released in 1971, "Fistik gibi"(1970), "Turist Ömer Arabistan'da"(1969).

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Country:Turkey Turkey
Germany Germany    (Banned) (1987)

*Sources: Saner Film and Wikipedia
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turist Ömer yamyamlar arasinda
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