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Prenez la queue comme tout le monde

Prenez la queue comme tout le monde
Prenez la queue comme tout le monde
Starring Philippe Gasté, Anne Libert, Malisa Longo, Monique Vita, Karine Jeantet and Lita Recio, «Prenez la queue comme tout le monde» is 1973 Comedy film directed by Jean-François Davy, and written by Jean-François Davy and Daniel Geldreich.
Directed by
Jean-François Davy

Jean-François Davy

Story and screenplay
Daniel Geldreich

Jenny Gérard
and Michel Gast

Who is the director of "Prenez la queue comme tout le monde"?

Jean-François Davy is a French director, screenwriter, producer, and actor.

Director Davy was 28 years of age in 1973, when "Prenez la queue comme tout le monde" was released.

Jean-François Davy has directed movies such as "L' Attentat", released in 1966, "Les Aiguilles rouges"(2006), "Ça va faire mal!"(1982), "Chaussette surprise"(1978), "Le Seuil du vide"(1971), and "La Femme en spirale"(1984).

Philippe Gasté and Jean-François Davy have worked together on "Bananes mécaniques", released in 1973 (François), "Le Seuil du vide"(1971).

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Philippe Gasté Gerry
Anne Libert Juliette
Malisa Longo Cristal
Monique Vita Monique
Karine Jeantet Francoise
Lita Recio Mother

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Technical Details

Release date:
France France    August, 30, 1973  
Sound mix:Mono
Countries:France France
Italy Italy
Runtime:1h 30min (90min)

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prenez la queue comme tout le monde
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