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Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS
A different kind of X.
Directed by Don Edmonds, and written by Jonah Royston and John C.W. Saxton, «Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS» (also known as "Ilsa la belva delle SS", "Hündin von Liebeslager 7, Die") is an Action/Horror/War film, released in the USA in October of 1975 . Dyanne Thorne is starring, alongside Gregory Knoph, Tony Mumolo, Maria Marx, Nicolle Riddell and Jo Jo Deville.
Directed by
Don Edmonds

Written by
Jonah Royston

As Jonah Royston
John C.W. Saxton

David F. Friedman

It starred Dyanne Thorne as "Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne)," commandante of a Nazi Stalag (prisoner-of-war camp); the maliciousness of her character was very loosely based on that of Ilse Koch. Ilsa conducts sadistic scientific experiments designed to demonstrate that women are more capable of enduring pain than men are, and therefore should be allowed to fight in the army. Ilsa is also portrayed as a buxom woman with a voracious sexual appetite for men. Every night she chooses another one of her male prisoners and rapes him. [...]

Who is the director of "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS"?

Don Edmonds is an American actor, producer, and director.

When "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" was released in 1975, Edmonds was 38 years old.

Don Edmonds has directed movies such as "Terror on Tour", released in 1980, "Bare Knuckles"(1977), "Southern Double Cross"(1976), "Tender Loving Care"(1974), "Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks"(1976).

Dyanne Thorne and Don Edmonds have worked together on "Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks", released in 1976 portraying Ilsa.

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What was the release date of "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS"?

"Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" was initally released in the United States on October, 1975.

Release date for the United States:
  • October, 1975

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Dyanne Thorne Ilsa
Gregory Knoph Wolfe
Tony Mumolo Mario
Maria Marx Anna
Nicolle Riddell Kata
Jo Jo Deville Ingrid

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Technical Details

Genres:Action / Horror / War
Release date:
United States United States    October,  1975  
Sound mix:Mono
Tagline:"The most dreaded Nazi of them all!"
"Even the SS feared her!"
"A different kind of X."
Also known as:

"Hündin von Liebeslager 7, Die"


"Ilsa la belva delle SS"

Countries:United States United States
Germany Germany
Filming location:
United StatesCinema General Studios - 846 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Runtime:1h 36min (96min)
United States United States    X (self applied)
United Kingdom United Kingdom    R
Italy Italy    VM18 (video rating) (cut)
Spain Spain    18
Australia Australia    (Banned)

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ilsa, she wolf of the ss
release date:October, 1975
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