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Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Fan Made Gallery

Film Poster

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"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" Copyright © Columbia Pictures Industries

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Urban Legend
(Theia's substitute during her convalescence,... I hope I am not making too many spelling errors!)

"Film Poster - Close Encounters of the Third Kind". No information have been mentionned by the poster, about the source of this picture.


Details about the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind":

Starring Richard Dreyfuss (Roy Neary), François Truffaut (Claude Lacombe), Teri Garr (Ronnie Neary), Melinda Dillon (Gillian Guiler), Bob Balaban (David Laughlin) and J. Patrick McNamara (Project Leader), «Close Encounters of the Third Kind» (also known as "Unheimliche Begegnung der dritten Art - Die neue Version", "Steven Spielbergs Unheimliche Begegnung der dritten Art", "Watch the Skies") is an Adventure/Drama/Science Fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg, and written by Hal Barwood, Jerry Belson, John Hill, Matthew Robbins and Steven Spielberg, released on November 15 of 1977 in the USA.

Memorable quotes "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
Honey, Ronnie. Wake up. You're not gonna believe what I saw!...I never would have believed it. There was this, uh, in the cab, there was was a red whoosh...You know, those pictures in the National Geographic about the Aurora Borealis? This is better than that! Come on! Ronnie, I need you to see something with me. It's really important. [wakes his kids] Silvia , come on. We're going on a little adventure. Toby! Brad! Come on. Get up. Up!...It's better than Goofy Golf! COME ON!!
("Roy Neary"/Richard Dreyfuss)
[to two white-uniformed men with gas masks] The only bad air around here is you guys fartin' around.
("Roy Neary" (Richard Dreyfuss))
[After an angry passerby tells him he is in the middle of a road whilst looking for Cornbread Road] Do you know where Cornbread is... TURKEY'!
("Roy Neary"/Richard Dreyfuss)

Roberts Blossom has also been directed by Steven Spielberg in "Always", released in 1989 (Dave). As an actor, Roberts Blossom has performed in movies such as "Christine", released in 1983 (George LeBay), "Doc Hollywood"(1991) as Judge Evans, "The Great Gatsby"(1974) (Mr. Gatz), "Resurrection"(1980) (John Harper), "Handle with Care"(1977) portraying Papa Thermodyne, and "Deranged"(1974) (Ezra Cobb).

Steven Spielberg has also directed Richard Dreyfuss in "Always", released in 1989 portraying Pete Sandich, "Jaws"(1975) (Matt Hooper). As an actor, Richard Dreyfuss has performed in movies such as "The Young Runaways", released in 1968 portraying Terry, "Red"(2010) (Alexander Dunning), "The Big Fix"(1978) as Moses Wine, "Casting By"(2012), "Tin Men"(1987) (Bill 'BB' Babowsky), and "The Competition"(1980) (Paul Dietrich).


Some information about Steven Spielberg (film director):

Steven Spielberg is a 68-year old American producer, director, writer, screenwriter, and actor. Later this year Steven Spielberg will be releasing "Le pont des espions". Steven Spielberg has directed movies such as "1941", released in 1979, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"(1984), "Catch Me If You Can"(2002), "Raiders of the Lost Ark"(1981), "Amistad"(1997), and "Artificial Intelligence: AI"(2001).


Some more information about this picture:

With the assumption that the poster has obtained and used it in a responsible and legal manner, this picture ("Film Poster") has been posted on Tue, 24 May 11 02:27:31 -0400, in a fan-made tribute gallery for "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". This poster certainly thought doing something well by sharing this picture, however, if you believe that this image is inappropriate or has not conformed to a fair-use, please report this to immediately, and we will remove it as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance.

With an initial resolution of 1000 pixels in width and 1500 pixels in height, this is a HD picture which weighs 192.36 KB.

Source: Unspecified.


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close encounters of the third kind
release date:November 15, 1977
Directed by:Steven Spielberg
Cast:Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut, Teri Garr, Melinda Dillon
DVD/Blu-Ray ★ Posters ★ Collectibles ★