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The Kirlian Witness

The Kirlian Witness
The Kirlian Witness
This motion picture will scare you. You may never feel safe around plants again. Take the risk but ... beware!
Directed by Jonathan Sarno, and written by Lamar Sanders and Jonathan Sarno, «The Kirlian Witness» is a Thriller film, released on June 14 of 1979 in the USA . Nancy Snyder and Nancy Boykin are starring, alongside Joel Colodner, Ted Laplat, Ted Le Plat and Lawrence Tierney.
Directed by
Jonathan Sarno

Written by
Lamar Sanders
and Jonathan Sarno

Jonathan Sarno

Associate producer
Graham Place

Who is the director of "The Kirlian Witness"?

Jonathan Sarno has directed "Ramona!", released in 1993.

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What was the release date of "The Kirlian Witness"?

"The Kirlian Witness" was initally released in the United States on Thursday, June 14, 1979.

Release date for the United States:
  • Thursday, June 14, 1979

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Nancy Snyder Rilla
Nancy Boykin Laurie
Joel Colodner Robert
Ted Laplat Dusty
Ted Le Plat Dusty
Lawrence Tierney Detective

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Technical Details

Release date:
United States United States    June, 14, 1979  
Sound mix:Stereo
Tagline:"Destined to become a cult Classic"
"BEWARE Scientific Evidence Proves That Plants Can Read Our Minds -- BEWARE The Plants Know All -- BEWARE Watch What You Say And Do -- BEWARE There's Been A Bizarre Death -- BEWARE THE PLANTS ARE WATCHING"
"Based on a True Occult Event"
"This motion picture will scare you. You may never feel safe around plants again. Take the risk but ... beware!"
Country:United States United States
Filming location:
United StatesNew York City, New York
Runtime:1h 31min (91min)
United States United States    R

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the kirlian witness
release date:June 14, 1979
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