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Bonitinha Mas Ordinária ou Otto Lara Rezende

Bonitinha Mas Ordinária ou Otto Lara Rezende
«Bonitinha Mas Ordinária ou Otto Lara Rezende» is 1981 Drama film directed by Braz Chediak, and written by Sindoval Aguiar, Doc Comparato, Jorge Laclette, Gilvan Pereira and Nelson Rodrigues , starring Monah Delacy, Catalina Bonakie, Miriam Fischer, Vera Fischer, Gilberto Serqueira and José Wilker.
Directed by
Braz Chediak

Written by
Sindoval Aguiar
Doc Comparato, Jorge Laclette
and Gilvan Pereira

Nelson Rodrigues

Pedro Carlos Rovai

Nelson Rodrigues Filho

Who is the director of "Bonitinha Mas Ordinária ou Otto Lara Rezende"?

Braz Chediak is a Brazilian writer, director, producer, and actor.

Chediak was 39 years old when "Bonitinha Mas Ordinária ou Otto Lara Rezende" was released in 1981.

Braz Chediak has directed movies such as "Perdoa-me Por Me Traíres", released in 1980, "Mansos, Os"(1973), "Grande Desbum..., O"(1978), "Roubo da Calcinhas, O"(1975), "Álbum de Família"(1981), and "Banana Mecânica"(1974).

Monah Delacy has also been directed by Braz Chediak in "Eu Dou O Que Ela Gosta", released in 1975, "Perdoa-me Por Me Traíres"(1980).

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Vera Fischer Ritinha
José Wilker Edgard

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Technical Details

Country:Brazil Brazil
Runtime:1h 25min (85min)

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bonitinha mas ordinária ou otto lara rezende
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