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Starring Frano Lasic, Ljuba Tadic, Kruno Valentic, Bert Sotlar, Rade Serbedzija and Vera Zima, «Kiklop» is 1982 Drama film directed by Antun Vrdoljak, and written by Ranko Marinkovic and Antun Vrdoljak.
Directed by
Antun Vrdoljak

Ranko Marinkovic

Written by
Antun Vrdoljak

Who is the director of "Kiklop"?

Director Antun Vrdoljak was 51 years of age in 1982, when "Kiklop" was released.

Antun Vrdoljak has directed movies such as "Mecava", released in 1977, "Kad cujes zvona"(1969), "U gori raste zelen bor"(1971), "Deps"(1974), "Duga mracna noc"(2004), and "Ljubav i poneka psovka"(1969).

Kruno Valentic and Antun Vrdoljak have collaborated in "U gori raste zelen bor", released in 1971 (Stef), "Mecava"(1977), "Ljubav i poneka psovka"(1969) portraying Jozo.

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Frano Lasic Melkior Tresic
Ljuba Tadic Maestro
Bert Sotlar The Unknown

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Technical Details

Sound mix:Mono
Runtime:2h 18min (138min)

*Sources: FRZ Dalmacija, Jadran Film, RTV Zagreb, Televizija Zagreb and Wikipedia
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