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Zhestokiy romans

Zhestokiy romans
Zhestokiy romans
Starring Alisa Frejndlikh, Larisa Guzeyeva, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Miagkov, Aleksei Petrenko and Viktor Proskurin, «Zhestokiy romans» is a Drama/History/Romance film directed by Eldar Ryazanov, and written by Aleksandr Ostrovsky and Eldar Ryazanov, released in the USA on September 18 of 1985.
Directed by
Eldar Ryazanov

Play "Bespridannitsa"
Aleksandr Ostrovsky

Written by
Eldar Ryazanov

Who is the director of "Zhestokiy romans"?

Eldar Ryazanov is a Russian director, author, and actor.

Ryazanov was 57 years old when "Zhestokiy romans" was released in 1984.

Eldar Ryazanov has directed movies such as "Beregis avtomobilya", released in 1966, "Tvoi knizhki"(1953), "Sovershenno seryozno"(1961), "Sluzhebnyy roman"(1977), "Predskazaniye"(1993), and "Starye klyachi"(2000).

Alisa Frejndlikh and Eldar Ryazanov have collaborated in "Sluzhebnyy roman", released in 1977 in which Alisa Frejndlikh plays Kalugina.

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What was the release date of "Zhestokiy romans"?

"Zhestokiy romans" was first released in Finland on Friday, November 23, 1984.

Release date for the United States:
  • Wednesday, September 18, 1985

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Alisa Frejndlikh Larisa's Mother
Larisa Guzeyeva Larisa Dmitrievna
Nikita Mikhalkov Sergey Sergeyevich Paratov
Andrei Miagkov Juliy Kapitonovich Karandyshev
Aleksei Petrenko Knurov
Viktor Proskurin Vozhevatov

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Technical Details

Genres:Drama / History / Romance
Release date:
United States United States    September, 18, 1985  
Canada Canada    September, 07, 1985  
Sound mix:Mono
Soundtrack:Romans o romanse - Written by 'Andrei Petrov ' and Bella Akhmadulina Performed by Valentina Ponomaryova
A tsygan idyot - Written by 'Andrei Petrov ' , Rudyard Kipling and G. Kruzhkov Performed by Nikita Mikhalkov
Lyubov - volshebnaya strana - Written by 'Andrei Petrov ' and Eldar Ryazanov Performed by Valentina Ponomaryova
Pod laskoy plyushevogo pleda - Written by 'Andrei Petrov ' and Marina Tsvetayeva Performed by Valentina Ponomaryova
A naposledok ya skazhu - Written by 'Andrei Petrov ' and Bella Akhmadulina Performed by Valentina Ponomaryova
Filming location:
Russian FederationKostroma
Runtime:2h 25min (145min)

*Sources: Mosfilm and Wikipedia
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zhestokiy romans
release date:September 18, 1985
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