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Die Venusfalle

Die Venusfalle
Die Venusfalle
Starring Myriem Roussel, Horst-Günter Marx, Sonja Kirchberger, Hanns Zischler, Rolf Zacher and Herb Andress, «Die Venusfalle» (also known as "Trappola di Venere, La", "Venus Trap, The") is 1988 Drama film directed by Robert van Ackeren, and written by Robert van Ackeren and Catharina Zwerenz.
Directed by
Robert van Ackeren

Written by
Robert van Ackeren
and Catharina Zwerenz

Robert van Ackeren
Martin Moszkowicz and Theo Hinz

Who is the director of "Die Venusfalle"?

Robert van Ackeren is a German director, cinematographer, screenwriter, producer, and actor.

van Ackeren was 41 years old in 1988, when "Die Venusfalle" was released.

Robert van Ackeren has directed movies such as "Blondie's Number One", released in 1971, "Der Letzte Schrei"(1975), "Harlis"(1972), "Deutschland privat - Im Land der bunten Träume"(2007), "Belcanto oder Darf eine Nutte schluchzen?"(1977), and "Die Flambierte Frau"(1983).

Robert van Ackeren and Hanns Zischler have worked together on "Die Flambierte Frau", released in 1983 portraying Kurt.

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Myriem Roussel Marie
Hanns Zischler Kurt
Rolf Zacher Dr. Steiner

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Technical Details

Release date:
France France    May, 19, 1988  
Germany Germany    September, 08, 1988  
Australia Australia    April, 19, 1990  
Sound mix:Stereo
Also known as:

"Venus Trap, The"


"Trappola di Venere, La"

Country:Germany Germany
Runtime:1h 47min (107min)
Germany Germany    16
Spain Spain    18
Australia Australia    M

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die venusfalle
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