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Haloa - praznik kurvi

Haloa - praznik kurvi
Haloa - praznik kurvi
Starring Neda Arneric, Ranko Zidaric, Stevo Zigon, Dusica Zegarac, Zorko Rajcic and Cedo Martinovic, «Haloa - praznik kurvi» (also known as "Aloa: Festivity of the Whores") is 1988 Drama film directed by Lordan Zafranovic, and written by Veljko Barbieri and Lordan Zafranovic.
Directed by
Lordan Zafranovic

Also novel Zatvor od oleandrovog lisca
Veljko Barbieri

Written by
Lordan Zafranovic

Executive producer
Miroslav Lilic
and Sulejman Kapic

Who is the director of "Haloa - praznik kurvi"?

Lordan Zafranovic is a Croatian director, screenwriter, and actor.

Zafranovic was 44 years old in 1988, when "Haloa - praznik kurvi" was released.

Lordan Zafranovic has directed movies such as "Okupacija u 26 slika", released in 1978, "Bela ptica"(2006), "Kronika jednog zlocina"(1973), "Vecernja zvona"(1986), "Nedjelja"(1969), and "Pad Italije"(1981).

Lordan Zafranovic has also directed Neda Arneric in "Vecernja zvona", released in 1986 in which Neda Arneric plays Meira.

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Neda Arneric Maira
Ranko Zidaric Mladic
Stevo Zigon Profesor Manfred
Dusica Zegarac Marija

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Technical Details

Also known as:

"Aloa: Festivity of the Whores"


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haloa - praznik kurvi
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