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Tennessee Nights

Tennessee Nights
Tennessee Nights
«Tennessee Nights» is 1989 Thriller/Drama film directed by Nicolas Gessner, and written by Hans Werner Kettenbach and Laird Koenig , starring Julian Sands, Stacey Dash, Ed Lauter, Ned Beatty, Denise Crosby and Brian McNamara.
Directed by
Nicolas Gessner

Novel "Minnie"
Hans Werner Kettenbach

Laird Koenig

Bernard Lang
and Peter-Christian Fueter

Executive producer
Jürg Staubli
and Roger Weil

Associate producer
Bill Hartman
and Hartwig Schmidt

Who is the director of "Tennessee Nights"?

Nicolas Gessner is a Hungarian director.

Director Gessner was 58 years of age in 1989, when "Tennessee Nights" was released.

Nicolas Gessner has directed movies such as "Quicker Than the Eye", released in 1989, "12 + 1"(1969), "Quelqu'un derrière la porte"(1971), "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane"(1976), "It Rained All Night the Day I Left"(1980), and "La Blonde de Pékin"(1967).

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Julian Sands Wolfgang Leighton
Stacey Dash Minnie
Ned Beatty Charlie Kiefer
Denise Crosby Sally Lomas
Brian McNamara Hewitt

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Technical Details

Genres:Thriller / Drama
Release date:
Japan Japan    October, 12, 1991  
Sound mix:Dolby SR
Soundtrack:Just the Other Side of Nowhere - Written by 'Kris Kristofferson ' Performed by 'Johnny Cash ' Used by permission of Combine Music Corp.
Brandenburg Concert Nr. 6 - By 'Johann Sebastian Bach' (as J.S. Bach) Conducted by Milan Munclinger Through an arrangement with Supraphon, Prague
Countries:Switzerland Switzerland
Germany Germany
Filming location:
United StatesTennessee
Runtime:1h 45min (105min)
1h 35min (95min)

*Sources: Condor Films, Allianz Filmproduktion, Intermonda, Westdeutscher Rundfunk and Wikipedia
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tennessee nights
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