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Verbotene Liebe

Verbotene Liebe
Verbotene Liebe
Directed by Helmut Dziuba, and written by Helmut Dziuba and Helmut H. Schulz, «Verbotene Liebe» is a 1989 Drama/Romance film . Julia Brendler is starring, alongside Hans-Peter Dahm, Gudrun Ritter, Heide Kipp, Peter Sodann and Karin Gregorek.
Directed by
Helmut Dziuba

Written by
Helmut Dziuba

Story "Der Suendenfall"
Helmut H. Schulz

Uwe Kraft

Who is the director of "Verbotene Liebe"?

Helmut Dziuba was 56 years old in 1989, when "Verbotene Liebe" was released.

Helmut Dziuba has directed movies such as "Sabine Kleist, sieben Jahre", released in 1982, "Als Unku Edes Freundin war"(1981), "Jan auf der Zille"(1986), "Jana und Jan"(1992), "Der Untergang der Emma"(1974), and "Chiffriert an Chef - Ausfall Nr. 5"(1979).

Julia Brendler and Helmut Dziuba have also been associated in "Jana und Jan", released in 1992 portraying Julia.

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Julia Brendler Barbara Behrend
Hans-Peter Dahm Georg Kalisch
Gudrun Ritter Lehrerin Laube
Heide Kipp Frau Behrend
Peter Sodann Herr Behrend
Karin Gregorek Frau Kalisch

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Technical Details

Genres:Drama / Romance
Germany Germany    12

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verbotene liebe
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