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Just do it... or die!
Released in the USA on March 21 of 1995, «Pentathlon» (also known as "Giochi pericolosi") is an Action/Drama/Thriller film directed by Bruce Malmuth, and written by Gary DeVore, Bruce Malmuth, Gary T. McDonald and William Stadiem . Dolph Lundgren and David Soul are starring, alongside Renée Coleman, Roger E. Mosley, Evan James and David Drummond.
Directed by
Bruce Malmuth

Gary DeVore
Gary T. McDonald and William Stadiem

Bruce Malmuth

Martin E. Caan

Jason Clark

Executive producer
Carol H. Thompson
Ronna B. Wallace and Dolph Lundgren

Associate producer
Mikela Walter
Deborah Gilels and Rob Stull

Who is the director of "Pentathlon"?

Bruce Malmuth was an American actor, director, and writer.

When "Pentathlon" was released in 1994, Malmuth was 60 years old.

Bruce Malmuth has directed movies such as "Fore Play", released in 1975, "Hard to Kill"(1990), "The Man Who Wasn't There"(1983), "Where Are the Children?"(1986), "Nighthawks"(1981).

Evan James and Bruce Malmuth have collaborated in "Hard to Kill", released in 1990 playing Danny.

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What was the release date of "Pentathlon"?

"Pentathlon" was initally released in Korea, Republic of on Friday, July 01, 1994.

Release date in the United States:
  • Tuesday, March 21, 1995
Release date for the United Kingdom:
  • October, 1994

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Dolph Lundgren Eric Brogar
David Soul Mueller
Renée Coleman Julia
Roger E. Mosley Creese
Evan James Offerman
David Drummond Hundt

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Technical Details

Genres:Action / Drama / Thriller
Release date:
United States United States    March, 21, 1995  
United Kingdom United Kingdom    October,  1994  
France France    October, 31, 1995  
Germany Germany    May, 22, 1996  
Italy Italy    August,  1995  
Spain Spain    August, 03, 1995  
Japan Japan    April, 29, 1995  
Sound mix:Ultra Stereo
Tagline:"Play to win, if you lose, you die"
"The most challenging sport has just become the deadliest game."
"Just do it... or die!"
Also known as:



"Giochi pericolosi"

Country:United States United States
Filming location:
United StatesLos Angeles, California
Runtime:1h 41min (101min)
United States United States    R
United Kingdom United Kingdom    18
France France    U (video premiere)
Germany Germany    16
Spain Spain    18
Australia Australia    M

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release date:March 21, 1995
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