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El Techo del mundo

El Techo del mundo
El Techo del mundo
Directed by Felipe Vega, and written by Julio Llamazares and Felipe Vega, «El Techo del mundo» is a 1995 Drama film . Santiago Ramos and Emmanuelle Laborit are starring, alongside Nathalie Cardone, Mulie Jarju, Icíar Bollaín and Jean-Luc Bideau.
Directed by
Felipe Vega

Written by
Julio Llamazares
and Felipe Vega

Daniel Roehrich
Rolf Schmid, Adrian Lipp
and Paul Boris Lobadowsky

Associate producer
Pierre André Thiébaud

Who is the director of "El Techo del mundo"?

Felipe Vega is a Spanish director.

When "El Techo del mundo" was released in 1995, Vega was 43 years old.

Felipe Vega has directed movies such as "Mientras haya luz", released in 1987, "Un Paraguas para tres"(1992), "Mujeres en el parque"(2006).

Felipe Vega and Icíar Bollaín have collaborated in "Un Paraguas para tres", released in 1992 in which Icíar Bollaín portrays Alicia, "Mientras haya luz"(1987).

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Santiago Ramos Tomás
Nathalie Cardone Thérèse
Mulie Jarju Ousmane
Icíar Bollaín Teresa
Jean-Luc Bideau Pierre

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Technical Details

Release date:
Spain Spain    December, 28, 1995  
Sound mix:Dolby SR
Soundtrack:Rosa de Nairobi - By 'Javier Franco '
Countries:France France
Spain Spain
Switzerland Switzerland
Runtime:1h 25min (85min)
Spain Spain    13

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el techo del mundo
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