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Butch Camp

Butch Camp
Butch Camp
Released in the USA on November 14 of 1996, «Butch Camp» is a Comedy film directed and written by Alessandro De Gaetano . Judy Tenuta and Paul Denniston are starring, alongside Jason Teresi, Jordan Roberts, Bill Ingraham and Jon Kimlicko.
Directed by
Alessandro De Gaetano

Written by
Alessandro De Gaetano

Timothy E. Sabo
and Steve Gellman

Matt Grabowski (Denniston) is a passive closeted gay man who works as a loan officer in a bank. He awakes one morning to find that his roommate has moved out, stealing all of his furniture. He's assigned a loan application for Mister Pickwick (Richard Henzel), an important client, and pressured to approve it despite the client not really qualifying. He's forced to take the client out to a stripper bar and after an uncomfortable time there, he's gay bashed on his way home. All of these incidents inspire Matt to sign up for [...]

Who is the director of "Butch Camp"?

Alessandro De Gaetano has directed movies such as "Project: Metalbeast", released in 1995, "Bloodbath in Psycho Town"(1989).

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What was the release date of "Butch Camp"?

"Butch Camp" was initally released in the United States on Thursday, November 14, 1996. Also released on this day was "Alles nur Tarnung" (dir. Peter Zingler)

Release date for the United States:
  • Thursday, November 14, 1996

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Judy Tenuta Samantha Rottweiler
Paul Denniston Matt Grabowski
Jason Teresi Rod Cazzone
Jordan Roberts Janet Cockswell
Bill Ingraham Danny
Jon Kimlicko Vince Sarno

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Technical Details

Release date:
United States United States    November, 14, 1996  
Italy Italy    April,  1997  
Country:United States United States
Filming location:
United StatesChicago, Illinois
Runtime:1h 41min (101min)

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butch camp
release date:November 14, 1996
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