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The untold true story of an extraordinary woman.
Released on May 08 of 1998 in the USA, «Artemisia» is a Biography/Drama film directed by Agnès Merlet, and written by Patrick Amos, Agnès Merlet, and Christine Miller . Valentina Cervi is starring, alongside Michel Serrault, Miki Manojlovic, Luca Zingaretti, Emmanuelle Devos and Frédéric Pierrot.
Directed by
Agnès Merlet

Written by
Patrick Amos

Also story
Agnès Merlet
and Christine Miller

Patrice Haddad

Leo Pescarolo
and Christoph Meyer-Wiel

Assistant producer
Daniel Workmann
Lilian Saly and Patricia Allart

Line producer
Patrick Lancelot
and Samantha Antonnicola

Executive producer: Italy
Conchita Airoldi
and Pino P. Dionisio

Who is the director of "Artemisia"?

"Artemisia" was released in 1997, when Agnès Merlet was 38 years of age.

Agnès Merlet has directed movies such as "Dorothy Mills", released in 2008, "Le Fils du requin"(1993).

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What was the release date of "Artemisia"?

"Artemisia" was initally released in France on Wednesday, September 10, 1997.

Release date in the United States:
  • Friday, May 08, 1998
Release date for the United Kingdom:
  • Friday, May 07, 1999

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Valentina Cervi Artemisia Gentileschi
Michel Serrault Orazio Gentileschi
Miki Manojlovic Agostino Tassi
Luca Zingaretti Cosimo Quorli
Emmanuelle Devos Costanza
Frédéric Pierrot Roberto

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Technical Details

Genres:Biography / Drama
Release date:
United States United States    May, 08, 1998  
United Kingdom United Kingdom    May, 07, 1999  
Canada Canada    September, 10, 1997  
France France    September, 10, 1997  
Germany Germany    May, 28, 1998  
Australia Australia    March, 29, 1998  
Japan Japan    July, 04, 1998  
Sound mix:Dolby Digital
Tagline:"The untold true story of an extraordinary woman."
"Sexy. Defiant. Provocative. Her passion for art changed the face of history."
Countries:France France
Germany Germany
Italy Italy
Filming location:
ItalyCinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio
Runtime:1h 37min (97min)
1h 38min (98min)
United States United States    R (re-rating after appeal)
France France    U
Germany Germany    16
Australia Australia    R

*Sources: Première Heure, Urania Film and Wikipedia
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release date:May 08, 1998
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