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Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal
Jose Rizal
What matters death if one dies for what one loves, for native land and cherished ones?
Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, and written by Jun Lana, Ricardo Lee, Peter Ong Lim and Jose Rizal, «Jose Rizal» is a Biography/Drama film, released on July 25 of 1999 in the USA , starring Cesar Montano, Joel Torre, Jaime Fabregas, Gloria Diaz, Gardo Versoza and Monique Wilson.
Directed by
Marilou Diaz-Abaya

Jun Lana
Ricardo Lee and Peter Ong Lim

Jose Rizal

Jimmy Duavit
Butch Jimenez and Marilou Diaz-Abaya

Executive producer
Menardo R. Jiminez
Felipe Gozon and Gilberto M. Duavit

Line producer
Gregg de Guzman

Imprisoned in Fort Santiago under the abusive Spanish colonization, José Rizal (Cesar Montano) was approached by a young uneducated indio asking the importance of education during his life. Meanwhile, in Balintawak, Andrés Bonifacio (Gardo Versoza) and his fellow secret organization of Katipunan, commenced the uprising against the cruel tyranny created by the Spaniards by tearing their cedula as a sign of Spanish slavery.

Soon, a first lieutenant of the Artillery, Luis Taviel de Andrade (Jaime Fabregas) (Jamie [...]

Who is the director of "Jose Rizal"?

Marilou Diaz-Abaya has directed movies such as "Alyas Baby Tsina", released in 1984, "Ika-11 utos: Mahalin mo, asawa mo"(1994), "Bagong buwan"(2001), "Muro-ami"(1999), "Milagros"(1997), and "Sa pusod ng dagat"(1998).

Cesar Montano and Marilou Diaz-Abaya have also been associated in "Bagong buwan", released in 2001 in which Cesar Montano portrays Ahmad Ibn Ismael, "Muro-ami"(1999) (Fredo).

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What was the release date of "Jose Rizal"?

"Jose Rizal" was initially released on Friday, December 25, 1998, in Philippines.

Release date in the United States:
  • Sunday, July 25, 1999

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Cesar Montano Jose Rizal
Joel Torre Crisostomo Ibarra/Simoun
Jaime Fabregas Luis Taviel de Andrade
Gloria Diaz Teodora Alonzo
Gardo Versoza Andres Bonifacio
Monique Wilson Maria Clara

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Technical Details

Genres:Biography / Drama
Release date:
United States United States    July, 25, 1999  
France France    March, 17, 2000  
Tagline:"What matters death if one dies for what one loves, for native land and cherished ones?"
Country:Philippines Philippines
Runtime:2h 58min (178min)

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jose rizal
release date:July 25, 1999
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