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Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian, and written by Armando Lao, «Pila-balde» is a 1999 Drama film . Ana Capri is starring, alongside Marcus Madrigal, Harold Pineda, Allen Dizon, Estrella Kuenzler and Becky Misa.
Directed by
Jeffrey Jeturian

Written by
Armando Lao

Executive producer
Lily Y. Monteverde

Line producer
Warlito Teodoro

Supervising producer
Joey Gosiengfiao

Who is the director of "Pila-balde"?

Jeffrey Jeturian is a Filipino director.

"Pila-balde" was released in 1999, when Jeturian was 40 years of age.

Jeffrey Jeturian has directed movies such as "Kubrador", released in 2006, "Bikini Open"(2005), "Sana pag-ibig na"(1998), "Bridal Shower"(2004), "Minsan pa"(2004).

Jeffrey Jeturian has also directed Richard Bonnin in "Sana pag-ibig na", released in 1998 in which Richard Bonnin portrays Norman.

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Ana Capri Gina
Marcus Madrigal Nonoy
Harold Pineda Jimboy Alano
Allen Dizon Eric
Estrella Kuenzler Lola Cion
Becky Misa Mrs. Alano

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Technical Details

Release date:
France France    November, 20, 2001  
Italy Italy    April, 22, 2001  
Sound mix:Dolby
Country:Philippines Philippines
Runtime:1h 36min (96min)
1h 38min (98min)

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