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Faat din chiu giu wa
Faat din chiu giu wa

Starring Sophie Ngan Chin Man, Grace Lam, Ka Yu Chow, Crystal Cheung Yee Tung, Teresa Mak and King-Tan Yuen, «Faat din chiu giu wa» is 2001 Comedy film directed by Bowie Lau.

Directed by
Bowie Lau

Executive producer
Siu-Kei Lee

It is talked about:

Sophie Nyweide
Topic started by Guest #2016 - 68 months ago

"Sophie Nyweide does a masterful job in the role she plays as the young daughter. She deserves star billing beside Williams and Bernal! D. FRANK..."
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Sophie Neville
Topic started by Guest #6377 - 48 months ago

"Sophie Neville is bringing out a lovely, funny book full of reminisences about working in films and television called 'Funnily Enough', available from Amazon books. She includes stories about working on 'Doctor Who' and making films such as 'Swallows and Amazons'. It is a great read if you are..."
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Megan Fox
Topic started by Theia - 30 months ago

"Released on October 03 of 2008 in the USA, «How to Lose Friends & Alienate People» is a Comedy film directed by Robert B. Weide, and written by Peter Straughan and Toby Young . Jeff Bridges and Janette Scott are starring, alongside Miquel Brown, Emily Denniston, Kirsten Dunst and..."
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Chris J. Kelly
Topic started by Guest #6251 - 51 months ago

"I think you are great actor and cute :) You must heard these words about 1000000 times. LOL Big kiss and hug from Serbia ( if you know where is it )..."
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