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Le Collectionneur

Le Collectionneur
Le Collectionneur
Certains collectionnent les timbres, pas lui
Starring Maude Guérin, Luc Picard, Lawrence Arcouette, Charles-André Bourassa, Yves Jacques and Julie Ménard, «Le Collectionneur» (also known as "Collector, The") is 2002 Thriller film directed by Jean Beaudin, and written by Jean Beaudin, Chrystine Brouillet, and Chantal Cadieux.
Directed by
Jean Beaudin

Jean Beaudin
and Chantal Cadieux

Chrystine Brouillet

Christian Larouche
and Ginette Petit

Executive producer
André Dupuy

Associate producer
Jean Beaudin

Who is the director of "Le Collectionneur"?

Jean Beaudin is a Canadian director, screenwriter, and producer.

Beaudin was 63 years old when "Le Collectionneur" was released in 2002.

Jean Beaudin has directed movies such as "J.A. Martin photographe", released in 1977, "Le Diable est parmi nous"(1972), "Souvenirs intimes"(1999), "Being at Home with Claude"(1992), "Cher Théo"(1975), and "Sans elle"(2006).

Jean Beaudin and Yves Jacques have also collaborated in "Souvenirs intimes", released in 1999 (Mortimer).

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Maude Guérin Maude Graham
Luc Picard Michel Rochon
Lawrence Arcouette Grégoire
Charles-André Bourassa Frédéric Tanguay
Yves Jacques François Berger/Babette Brown
Julie Ménard Josée

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Technical Details

Release date:
Canada Canada    February, 22, 2002  
France France    May, 15, 2003  
Germany Germany    September, 26, 2003  
Italy Italy    April, 05, 2006  
Tagline:"Certains collectionnent les timbres, pas lui"
Also known as:

"Collector, The"

Country:Canada Canada
Filming location:
CanadaQuébec City, Québec
Runtime:2h 05min (125min)
1h 50min (110min) (Filmfest Hamburg)
Canada Canada    A (Ontario)
Germany Germany    16

*Sources: Chrystal Films and Wikipedia
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le collectionneur
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