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Carne de tu carne

Carne de tu carne
Carne de tu carne
«Carne de tu carne» is 1983 Drama/Horror film directed by Carlos Mayolo, and written by Carlos Mayolo, Jorge Nieto, and Elsa Vásquez . Adriana Herrán is starring, alongside David Guerrero, Santiago García, Vicky Hernández, Carlos Mayolo and Sebastián Ospina.
Directed by
Carlos Mayolo

Written by
Carlos Mayolo
Jorge Nieto and Elsa Vásquez

Bertha de Carvajal
and Fernando Berón

Executive producer
Anthony Halliday

On August 6, 1956 the Grandmother dies of a major upper-class family in Cali. The descendants are called to hear the will of the grandmother, two of the heirs are Andres Alfonso and his half sister Margaret. At dawn on August 7 of that year the infamous explosion occurs several truckloads of dynamite that were to be transported to Bogotá. No light, no water and with the roof partially fallen's family as well as others head into the field. Andres and Margaret are asked to go to the farm-out "La Emma" to go [...]

Who is the director of "Carne de tu carne"?

Carlos Mayolo was a Colombian actor, and director.

Director Mayolo was 38 years of age in 1983, when "Carne de tu carne" was released.

Carlos Mayolo has directed "La Mansión de Araucaima", released in 1986.

Adriana Herrán and Carlos Mayolo have also been associated in "La Mansión de Araucaima", released in 1986 (The Model).

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Technical Details

Genres:Drama / Horror
Country:Colombia Colombia
Runtime:1h 34min (94min)

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carne de tu carne
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