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Candido erotico

Candido erotico
Candido erotico
Starring Lilli Carati, Mircha Carven, Marco Guglielmi, Ajita Wilson, Fernando Cerulli and Marķa Baxa, «Candido erotico» is 1977 Drama film directed by Claudio De Molinis, and written by Luigi Bernardi, Romano Bernardi, George Eastman and Franca Ridolfi.
Directed by
Claudio De Molinis

Luigi Bernardi
and Franca Ridolfi

Written by
Romano Bernardi
and George Eastman

Dino Di Salvo

Who is the director of "Candido erotico"?

Claudio De Molinis has directed "C'č un fantasma nel mio letto", released in 1981.

Lilli Carati and Claudio De Molinis have also collaborated in "C'č un fantasma nel mio letto", released in 1981 in which Lilli Carati plays Adelaide Fumagalli.

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Lilli Carati Charlotte
Mircha Carven Carlo
Marco Guglielmi Paul
Ajita Wilson Sex Show Performer
Fernando Cerulli Voyeur on Train
Marķa Baxa Veronique

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Technical Details

Release date:
Germany Germany    January, 30, 1981  
Sound mix:Mono
Country:Italy Italy
Runtime:1h 34min (94min)
Italy Italy    VM18

*Sources: Polo Film and Wikipedia
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candido erotico
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