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Saison in Salzburg

Saison in Salzburg
Saison in Salzburg
Starring Peter Alexander, Waltraut Haas, Gunther Philipp, Ingeborg Schöner, Gunnar Möller and Loni Heuser, «Saison in Salzburg» is 1961 Comedy/Musical film directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb, and written by Kurt Feltz, Janne Furch, Ernst Marischka and Max Wallner.
Directed by
Franz Josef Gottlieb

Operetta Saison in Salzburg
Kurt Feltz
and Max Wallner

Janne Furch

Written by
Ernst Marischka

Herbert Gruber

Who is the director of "Saison in Salzburg"?

Franz Josef Gottlieb was an Austrian director, and producer.

In 1961, when "Saison in Salzburg" was released, Gottlieb was 30 years of age.

Franz Josef Gottlieb has directed movies such as "Betragen ungenügend", released in 1972, "Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloß"(1964), "Hilfe, die Verwandten kommen"(1971), "Klassenkeile"(1969), "Mister Dynamit - morgen küßt Euch der Tod"(1967), and "Liebesspiele junger Mädchen"(1972).

Gunther Philipp and Franz Josef Gottlieb have been associated in "Rudi, benimm dich", released in 1971 in which Gunther Philipp plays Sebastian Hill, "Mikosch im Geheimdienst"(1959) in which Gunther Philipp plays Mikosch, "Tante Trude aus Buxtehude"(1971), "Das haut den stärksten Zwilling um"(1971) playing Heinrich Kletter, "Der Geheimnisträger"(1975), "Wenn die tollen Tanten kommen"(1970) as Poldi, "Die Tollen Tanten schlagen zu"(1971) in which Gunther Philipp plays Bruno Kargel.

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Peter Alexander Heinz Doll
Waltraut Haas Theres Stolzinger
Gunther Philipp Toni Mack
Ingeborg Schöner Annemarie Stolzinger
Gunnar Möller Dr. Erich Elz
Loni Heuser Heid Pritwitz

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Technical Details

Genres:Comedy / Musical
Release date:
Germany Germany    October, 27, 1961  
Sound mix:Mono
Soundtrack:Und die Musik spielt dazu - Written by 'Kurt Feltz' , 'Max Wallner ' and 'Fred Raymond' [arr.] Performed by 'Peter Alexander '
Salzburger Nockerln - Written by 'Kurt Feltz' , 'Max Wallner ' and 'Fred Raymond' [arr.] Performed by 'Peter Alexander '
Country:Austria Austria
Runtime:1h 44min (104min)
Germany Germany    6 (nf)

*Sources: Sascha-Verleih and Wikipedia
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saison in salzburg
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