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Help Me... I'm Possessed

Help Me... I'm Possessed
Help Me... I'm Possessed
When the forces of evil infuse your body will you scream out ...
«Help Me... I'm Possessed» is a Horror film directed by Charles Nizet, and written by William Greer and Deedy Peters, released in January of 1976 in the USA . Bill Greer and Deedy Peters are starring, alongside Lynne Marta, Jim Dean, Tony Reese and Blackie Hunt.
Directed by
Charles Nizet

Written by
William Greer
and Deedy Peters

Charles Nizet

Executive producer
Si DeBardas

Associate producer
Will Zens

Who is the director of "Help Me... I'm Possessed"?

Charles Nizet was a Belgian director, and producer.

Nizet was 43 years old when "Help Me... I'm Possessed" was released in 1976.

Charles Nizet has directed movies such as "Mission: Africa", released in 1968, "Slaves of Love"(1969), "Voodoo Heartbeat"(1975), "The Ravager"(1970), "Three-Way Split"(1970).

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What was the release date of "Help Me... I'm Possessed"?

"Help Me... I'm Possessed" was initially released on January, 1976, in the United States.

Release date for the United States:
  • January, 1976

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Bill Greer Dr. Arthur Blackwood
Deedy Peters Mrs. Diane Blackwood
Lynne Marta Melanie Blackwood
Jim Dean Taylor - The Sheriff
Tony Reese Ernest - The Chauffeur
Blackie Hunt Eleanor - Nurse

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Technical Details

Release date:
United States United States    January,  1976  
Sound mix:Mono
Tagline:"When the forces of evil infuse your body will you scream out ..."
Country:United States United States
Filming location:
United StatesBronson Caves, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California
Runtime:1h 19min (79min)
United States United States    PG

*Sources: Riviera Productions and Wikipedia
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help me... i'm possessed
release date:January, 1976
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