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Harry Black

Harry Black
Harry Black
Man Against Beast! Woman Against Man!
Directed by Hugo Fregonese, and written by Sydney Boehm and David Walker, «Harry Black» (also known as "Pranke des Tigers, Die", "Harry Black and the Tiger", "Tigre, La") is an Action/Adventure/Drama film, released in the USA on September 18 of 1958 . Stewart Granger is starring, alongside Barbara Rush, Anthony Steel, I.S. Johar, Martin Stephens and Frank Olegario.
Directed by
Hugo Fregonese

Written by
Sydney Boehm

Novel "Harry Black"
David Walker

John Brabourne

Who is the director of "Harry Black"?

Hugo Fregonese was an Argentinean director, writer, and actor.

In 1958, when "Harry Black" was released, Fregonese was 50 years of age.

Hugo Fregonese has directed movies such as "Old Shatterhand", released in 1964, "Black Tuesday"(1954), "Man in the Attic"(1953), "Monstruos del terror, Los"(1970), "The Raid"(1954), and "Untamed Frontier"(1952).

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What was the release date of "Harry Black"?

"Harry Black" was initally released in the United States on Thursday, September 18, 1958. Also released on this day was "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (dir. Richard Brooks)

Release date for the United States:
  • Thursday, September 18, 1958

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Stewart Granger Harry Black
Barbara Rush Christian Tanner
Anthony Steel Desmond Tanner
I.S. Johar Bapu
Martin Stephens Michael Tanner
Frank Olegario Dr. Chowdhury

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Technical Details

Genres:Action / Adventure / Drama
Release date:
United States United States    September, 18, 1958  
Germany Germany    November, 14, 1958  
Sound mix:4-Track Stereo (RCA Sound Recording)
Tagline:"Man Against Beast! Woman Against Man!"
"Never Such Adventure-In the Jungles of India"
Also known as:

"Pranke des Tigers, Die"


"Tigre, La"

United States

"Harry Black and the Tiger"

Country:United Kingdom United Kingdom
Filming location:
Runtime:1h 47min (107min)
United States United States    Approved

*Sources: Mersham Productions Ltd. and Wikipedia
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harry black
release date:September 18, 1958
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